Brighter and more efficient than any other G9.5 Lamp

The new UP-4 Ultra led to the development of a new lamp, the patented
Uni-Par HPR Ultra Efficient Lamp.  A 575 watt G9.5 base Halogen with an
internal micro-reflector between the filament and base.  This new  lamp is
not prohibited so it can be used in all reflector system luminaries and
will recover 10% to 20% of the light rays that are normally lost by
absorption in the base and filament support bridge.


For more HPR/575 Ultra spec information visit Osram Sylvania

The HPR does not produce more light but rather redirects more of the
usable light.  The HPR produces 16,500 lumens but because of the
internal reflector it appears to be a lamp with 18,975 lumens.  The
specially finished hot mirror
internal reflector reflects light
that would normally be misdirected
and absorbed by the base and lost
in a standard lamp.  Light radiates
from all points along the coil of
the filament.  The light that radiates
from the top of the filament hits the
reflector at a higher angle of
incidence and reflects a cone of
light that has a narrower 25° beam field.  The light that radiates from
the bottom of the filament hits the reflector at a lower angle of
incidence and reflects a cone of light that has a sider 54° beam field.  
The intensity of the reflected light is higher where these fields overlap.
More Usable Light for your Reflector System
Lamp Pin temperature tests:
Osram Brand FLK 536°C
Major Brand GLC 500°C
Osram Brand GLC 492°C
Osram/Uni-Par HPR 466°C
Creates a Brighter and More Even Beam Field
In an ellipsoidal fixture the high intensity part of the reflected light
aligns almost perfectly with the gate and projects a brighter and
more evenly filled beam.  In a par fixture more of the reflected light
is used because it can hit the lens that is used to create the desired
beam pattern.
Runs Cooler and more efficient
Light radiates from a filament in all directions.  In all single ended
halogen lamps except the HPR, the light and heat that radiates toward
the base is misdirected, blocked and absorbed by the lamp base, pinch
seal, & socket.  This produces intense heat that is damaging to all of
these components.  The HPR has a precisely positioned, specially finished
Hot Mirror internal reflector that shields these parts by redirecting
that energy back toward the filament.  This reflected energy helps heat
the filament and actually makes it more efficient electrically by reducing
the amount of current needed to produce the optimum output.