The new 7 inch par 56 reflector accessory
for the UP-4 features both the patented
Coolspot™ reflector and Patent Pending
Wave Faceting™ technology.  The Coolspot
reflector redistributes the heat evenly in
the projected beam field making your gels
last longer.  The new Wave faceted surface
smooths the beam field without
compromising the light output.  This unit
is designed to use the common and
economical 600 watt DYS lamp.  This
product is sold as a unit and not as a
separate "ray kit".


Every UP-4 Wave Par Unit comes with a yoke, socket with 36" long cord, lead ends, a 7 inch
diameter Cool-Spot™ Wave Faceted™ reflector kit with Lens, 600 watt DYS lamp, and a 7.5" gel frame.
  These units are UL listed for damp locations.  Do not operate unit without Lens.