E67 is a very versatile PVC resin, of intermediate resistance, manufactured by micro-suspension technology. Thanks to its properties, we can find it in different items of our daily lives that have an impact on people’s quality of life. See the most common applications below!

Where do we find E67 resin?

At home

It is used to manufacture synthetic laminates, wallpapers and floors with opaque or shiny finishes. It can also be found in carpets, keychains, balls, toys and other daily use products, offering different finish, design, texture and color options.

In the industry

In the healthcare sector, it is used to produce surgical gloves, technical parts, and flexible and resistant surgical materials. In the automotive industry, its main application is the production of coating greases, sealers and car paint. Furthermore, the material is widely used to manufacture different types of labels, seals and air filters.

What are E67 resin properties?

Application methods: levelling, rotomoulding, crushing, immersion and masses.

Chain size 67* (k value), low viscosity, constant rheological behavior.

It can be mixed with other Unipar products.

*Reference value

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A Soda Cáustica é produzida na eletrólise e concentrada pelo processo de evaporação.


Cell Room

The ELECTROLYSIS takes place in the cell. This way, electric energy acts on the brine and transforms it into CAUSTIC SODA, CHLORINE AND HYDROGEN.


(3) Tratamento

(4) Filtração

(5) Controle

(3) A SALMOURA é tratada para eliminar impurezas, filtrada (4) e passa sob um rigoroso controle (5) para alimentar as CÉLULAS ELETROLÍTICAS.



Next, prepare the PICKLE obtained from dissolving the salt in the water to use afterwards in the ELECTROLYSIS.