You may not know it, but it is a resin found in many rooms of your home.

E74 is a PVC resin produced by emulsion technology that has good mechanical resistance and an excellent versatility. It can be found in many applications, shapes and textures. It is widely used to manufacture products for our daily lives, as we will see next.

Where do we find E74 resin?

At home

E74 resin is used in floors, paints and synthetic fabrics manufacture, such as the eco-leather found in sofas and benches upholsteries, as well as in shoes. It is also found in toys like dolls, cars, balls, etc.

In the supermarket and pharmacy

It is used to produce gloves and labels.

In the industrial sector

E74 resin is widely used in the industry to guarantee a higher protection and durability of conveyors that transport heavy loads and other types of supports.


What are E74 resin properties?

Application methods: plating, immersion and rotomoulding.

Chain size 73.5* (k value), medium viscosity (non-Newtonian) and variable rheological behavior (pseudoplastic).

It can be mixed with other Unipar products.

*Reference value

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A Soda Cáustica é produzida na eletrólise e concentrada pelo processo de evaporação.


Cell Room

The ELECTROLYSIS takes place in the cell. This way, electric energy acts on the brine and transforms it into CAUSTIC SODA, CHLORINE AND HYDROGEN.


(3) Tratamento

(4) Filtração

(5) Controle

(3) A SALMOURA é tratada para eliminar impurezas, filtrada (4) e passa sob um rigoroso controle (5) para alimentar as CÉLULAS ELETROLÍTICAS.



Next, prepare the PICKLE obtained from dissolving the salt in the water to use afterwards in the ELECTROLYSIS.