S66 is a PVC resin produced by suspension technology and it is very important to manufacture rigid and resistant tubes of different shapes and sizes. Thanks to its features and possibilities, it is essential for the urban, agricultural and civil construction industries, since it’s helpful for the innovation processes that ease our daily lives. See its main applications.

Where do we find S66 resin?

At home
It can be found in tubes, windows, roofs, drains and in different items that require resistant and easy-to-apply materials.

In the industry
S66 is a widely used resin by civil construction and agricultural sectors. Thanks to this material, several types of rigid tubes (used in the distribution of drinking water, sewage and plantation irrigation, among other things) can be manufactured.

What are S66 resin properties?

Application methods: calendering, extrusion, extrusion-blow moulding and injection.

Chain size 65.4* (k value), medium molecular weight, high specific density and good thermal stability.

Used in rigid high and low pressure applications that require an easy gelification and a good thermal stability.

It can be mixed with other Unipar products.

*Reference value

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A Soda Cáustica é produzida na eletrólise e concentrada pelo processo de evaporação.


Cell Room

The ELECTROLYSIS takes place in the cell. This way, electric energy acts on the brine and transforms it into CAUSTIC SODA, CHLORINE AND HYDROGEN.


(3) Tratamento

(4) Filtração

(5) Controle

(3) A SALMOURA é tratada para eliminar impurezas, filtrada (4) e passa sob um rigoroso controle (5) para alimentar as CÉLULAS ELETROLÍTICAS.



Next, prepare the PICKLE obtained from dissolving the salt in the water to use afterwards in the ELECTROLYSIS.