Welcome to the new Unipar website!

Welcome to the new Unipar website!

With a more current and modern interface, the Unipar website brings a new design and ease of navigation. To guarantee a better visualization, the site begins to use the responsive technique, that is, it is compatible with the formats of devices such as computers, notebooks and cell phones.

The content was reformulated, providing new information and highlighted areas, thus seeking to make our communication faster and more efficient. The site also includes a search engine that simplifies the location of the desired data.

Through this friendlier navigation, we aim to provide a better experience for our website.

Check out the main changes below and navigate at will!

How to navigate:

At the top of the page

  1. Investors: leads to a website dedicated to shareholders.
  2. Clients: exclusive area for clients.
  3. Suppliers: exclusive area for suppliers.
  4. Carriers: exclusive area for carriers.
  5. Magnifying glass (search tool): when you write a word, the related contents will be located.


Main menu

  1. Unipar: Institutional information, Code of conduct, Hotline and Career.
  2. Business: here you can find the business units and all our products.
  3. Sustainability: know the policies and certificates, CCC programs, Open Factory and sponsored projects.
  4. Communication: We provide press relations contacts, releases and news.
  5. Contact: the section offers contact options by email and telephone, in addition to our addresses
  6. Social networks: Follow our profiles on social networks and stay up to date with the news!



  1. Site Map: General Site Map, with a quick click on the main areas.
  2. Privacy Policy: all rights reserved.


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A Soda Cáustica é produzida na eletrólise e concentrada pelo processo de evaporação.


Cell Room

The ELECTROLYSIS takes place in the cell. This way, electric energy acts on the brine and transforms it into CAUSTIC SODA, CHLORINE AND HYDROGEN.


(3) Tratamento

(4) Filtração

(5) Controle

(3) A SALMOURA é tratada para eliminar impurezas, filtrada (4) e passa sob um rigoroso controle (5) para alimentar as CÉLULAS ELETROLÍTICAS.



Next, prepare the PICKLE obtained from dissolving the salt in the water to use afterwards in the ELECTROLYSIS.