Unipar begins transition in senior management
31/10/2023 2 minutes

Unipar begins transition in senior management

Unipar announces the beginning of a transition in the company's senior management.
Maurício Parolin Russomano, current CEO, will leave the company after the next Ordinary General Meeting (AGO) in April, at the end of his term. Russomano had a successful management, contributing significantly to the implementation of Unipar's strategic guidelines for sustainable growth.
Rodrigo Cannaval, industrial executive director for four years, will be appointed after the AGM to take over as Unipar's new CEO. His appointment is aligned with the company's challenges, including technological expansion and modernization with one of the largest investment cycles (Capex) in Unipar's history.
Cannaval will lead the implementation of important projects, such as the replacement of technologies for chlorine and soda production, and the operationalization of the new Camaçari factory, in Bahia. Furthermore, he will be responsible for the expansion strategy in Brazil, Argentina and other geographies.
Alexandre de Castro, current commercial director, was appointed to the position of commercial executive director, strengthening Unipar's sustainable growth strategy.
The company wishes Cannaval and Alexandre success in this new prosperous cycle.

Unipar is recognized as a Pro-Ethics company by CGU
Unipar received recognition from the Comptroller General of the Union (CGU) as a Pro-Ethics company 2022-2023. The initiative highlights companies that adopt voluntary measures to prevent, detect and remedy acts of corruption and fraud, promoting an organizational culture of integrity.
The president of the Board of Directors of Unipar, Bruno Uchino, received the recognition in São Paulo, during Business Integrity Day, a CGU event that was attended by authorities and representatives from several companies.
Humberto Rapussi, Head of Internal Audit, Internal Controls and Compliance at Unipar, highlighted the importance of recognition: "This is an important achievement that values ​​our advances in building a governance policy of excellence. Our premise is to contribute to the development of a culture of integrity in our business, with ethics and transparency, always in line with the best global practices."
In recent years, Unipar has been implementing and developing a series of projects and initiatives to mitigate risks and engage employees in adopting superior governance and compliance standards. The company reviewed its corporate policies on topics such as Code of Conduct, Anti-Corruption Policy, Conflict of Interest Policy and Compliance Policy, all approved by the Board of Directors.
Ana Paula Clemenc Alvarez, Corporate Compliance Manager at Unipar, reinforced the company's commitment to ethical conduct: "Disseminating good conduct practices is essential for Unipar to grow in a sustainable way, which is one of our strategic pillars. We have the commitment to producing solutions that contribute to improving people's quality of life, respecting the environment and acting based on our principles and values.