Unipar joins the UN +Water Movement
02/11/2023 1 minutes

Unipar joins the UN +Water Movement

Unipar, a supplier of essential inputs for water treatment and distribution projects, announced its adherence to the +Water Movement of the UN Global Compact in celebration of World Water Day.
The company defined sanitation as a driver in its Sustainability strategy, implementing social projects to contribute to the universalization of the service, especially in the communities where it is present.
Among Unipar's goals for 2030 are a 15% reduction in the intensity of water use and a 15% increase in reuse, aiming to reduce water stress in water supply sources. The company has already carried out water balances at its production plants and established action plans for water capture.
Movimento +Água seeks to engage companies in water security and access to basic sanitation agendas in Brazil, with the aim of impacting 100 million people. Unipar already has relevant social projects in the area of ​​sanitation, such as supporting an educational pilot project that uses biodigesters to treat sewage in communities.
Suzana Santos, head of Communication and Sustainability at Unipar, highlights that joining the Movimento +Água means joining forces with other organizations to collectively contribute to access to sanitation and water management, in line with the company's vision of operating in an ecosystem.