Private Social Investment

At Unipar, we live our mission every day, always looking for solutions to improve people’s quality of life. Therefore, we invest in the development of the communities we work in. To strengthen this commitment, we support cultural, social, environmental and sport entities, programs and activities in the towns we work in, to always keep a close and open dialogue with the community. As part of our mission, all our the plants hire local collaborators and support social projects related to the local culture, education and development.



“Unipar: Reacciones que transforman – Selection for sponsorships 2021

We want to express our gratitude to all entities that registered their projects in the 2021 Selection.

Following are the projects selected for financing during 2021:

For more information about this process, contact us by email to:

Check out our Social Responsibility Policy. For project sponsorship, the request is made within the period stipulated by Unipar. Find out how previous processes were carried out by accessing through the years.

Check out the supported initiatives (2021):


Mempodera no Combate à Pobreza Menstrual - Associação Mempodera

Coral Canto Mágico - Associação Vozes da Arte

Alimentar e Proteger para Reciclar - Associação Beneficente dos Catadores de Material Reciclável da Baixada Santista

Integrar Arte e Vida - Associação Nacional de Desenvolvimento Esporte e Educação

Redescobrindo o Prazer de Viver / Frente à Pandemia - Lar Fraterno de Cubatão

Comida Pra Quem Tem Fome - Associação Social Cristo Rei

Sabores Sustentáveis da Terra - Instituto Causambientalis

(+) Vidas - Associação Fibras da Serra

Preservação Vidas Unipar + Profavi - Associação Promoção a Favor da Vida

Instituto Húngaro Contra a Covid - Associação Desportiva Húngaro

AMA Sensibilizar para Transformar - AMA Associação de Monitores Ambientais e Culturais

Oficina de Criatividade da Aprisco - Associação de Presbiterianos para Inclusão Social e Comunitária em Defesa da Vida

Santo André

Bahía Blanca

Educándonos en comunidad – Acción Católica Argentina

Más enfoque: Desarrollo Sostenible Local – Asociación Civil Gestión, Desarrollo y Participación Social Sudoeste Bonaerense

Reformando en Comunidad – ONG Cangrejitos de Barro

Educación Alientaria para una infancia saludable – Fundación Cecilia Grierson

Incluser Digitalización – ONG Incluser

Check out the supported initiatives (2020):

Pescar Proyect

Unipar is a partner of the Fundación Proyecto Pescar. It offers free professional training to young people in situations of social vulnerability. Investing in socio-professional training and contributing to the training of citizens is synonymous with  generating value and sustainability, contributing to the construction of a better future for Brazil.

Santo André

Partnership with Public Organizations and Local Entites

Unipar and its collaborators take part in campaigns to collect foods, clothes and toys to donate to the communities in need. The company also supports socio-cultural entities, programs and activities of the places it works in.


Fazer Valer - sports for children and youngsters - Associação Desportiva Húngaro (Rio Grande da Serra)

Project for 240 youngsters in a judo course. Through techniques and modalities introduction, it fosters the development of motor capacities and abilities, the boosting of the self-esteem, the improvement of health conditions, the reduction of school dropouts and the exposure to social risks.


Judô Social Nery IV - judo for children and youngsters - Associação de Judô e Jiu-Jitsu Nery (Rio Grande da Serra)

Project for 130 children and youngsters in a judo course. It aims at training citizens on principles and values beyond the sport.

Taekwondo Social - taekwondo for children and youngsters (Cubatão)

Project for 150 children and youngsters. Through the sport practice, this initiative helps each student’s autonomy, cooperation and joint responsibility, so they can own the knowledge on health, culture, citizenship and the environment.


Bom de Bola Bom na Escola - football for youngsters - Associação Unidos (Cubatão)

Project for 120 youngsters. It aims at achieving human development through sports.


Adra Esporte - Baseball, rhythmic gymnastics, futsal and judo for youngsters (Cubatão)

Project for 100 youngsters. Through sports and other supplementary activities, it aims at contributing to coexistence and strengthening bonds.


Environmental Education

Projeto Cultura Maker nas práticas ambientais - environmental actions with the community - Ação Social Cristo Rei (Santo André)

It offers environmental socio-educational activities with the goal of raising awareness about the care of and the respect for the planet for future generations.

Horta para a Vida - practical environmental offices - Sustainable Production and Environmental Education (Santo André)

Project for 245 people. Its objective is to promote a healthy diet through the production of organic food without the use of pesticides, for the consumption of people assisted by the Associação Promoção à Favor da Vida (PROFAVI).

ConsCiência - environmental awareness for the population - Center for Environmental Education (NEA) - (Cubatão)

Its proposal is to share how simple daily actions can positively impact the planet, such as the proper disposal of waste and the importance of maintaining water resources and the biomes in which the community is inserted.

Ecogalpón - Salesian Institution "La Piedad" (Argentina)

Construction of a physical space to separate waste and recycle.

Experimental Environmental Station - School of Technical Education No. 1 Ingeniero White (Argentina)

Environmental research and monitoring center at the Petrochemical Pole.


First chords - music classrooms - Rio Grande da Serra Music School (APRISCO) - (Rio Grande da Serra)

Supports 60 children and youth. It aims to promote instrumental music, democratizing access through free music lessons and learning techniques.

Cubatão Sinfonia Program - music classrooms for children and youth - Associação de Amigos da Banda Sinfônica de Cubatão (Cubatão)

Project to 150 children and young people. Its objective is to contribute to human, social, educational, artistic and cultural development through social inclusion through musical art (vocal and instrumental) and scenic art (dance and body expression).

Partnership with the Faculty of the National Technological University of Bahía Blanca (Bahía Blanca) (Argentina)

For the development of innovation projects and technological investments.

Social vulnerability

Early Childhood Center - Daughters of Charity of San Vicente de Paul Branch Bahía Blanca (Argentina)

Project to build a nursery for children in a situation of vulnerability.


For project sponsorship, the request is made within the period stipulated by Unipar. Learn how the 2020 process was carried out, accessing the Selection Procedure for Sponsorships.


Sodium Hypochlorite

Year after year, Unipar Sodium Hypochlorite donates to various organizations working in the vicinity of its industrial plants. Sodium Hypochlorite is used to disinfect and decontaminate surfaces, treat pool water, among other applications. The use of Sodium Hypochlorite is beneficial for disinfection and basic sanitation because it preserves the hygiene and health of the population.


Sodium Hypochlorite Reactor

 Hypochlorite is produced by a reaction between gaseous Chlorine and a Caustic soda solution being cooled down.


EDC Reactor

EDC (Dichloroethane) is obtained through a reaction between liquid chlorine and ethylene (inserted through a tube) and it is purified by distillation.


Hydrochloric Acid Reaction Furnace

Hydrochloric acid is produced by a controlled combustion reaction of Chlorine and hydrogen, followed by absorption in treated water.



Caustic soda is produced by electrolysis and reduced through the evaporation process.



 Then, the Soda is cooled down and stored in tanks, before being shipped.


(8) Cooling Chlorine

(9) Chlorine Withdrawal

(10) Chlorine Compression

(8) The produced gaseous chlorine is cooled down, (9) dried out and (10) compressed. After being compressed, it turns into a liquid state at low temperature.


(3) Treatment

(4) Filtration

(5) Control

(3) The PICKLE is about eliminating foreign bodies; it is filtered (4) and undergoes a strict control (5) before feeding the ELECTROLYTIC CELLS.


(3) Tratamiento

(4) Filtración

(5) Control

(3) La salmuera se trata para eliminar impurezas, se filtra (4) y pasa por un estricto control (5) para alimentar las CÉLULAS ELECTROLÍTICAS.



If there are salt (sodium chloride) and water in stock, you need to supply our transformers with electricity.


(11) Licuefacción de Cloro

(12) Almacenamiento de Cloro

(11) El cloro en esta forma se almacena en tanques (12) donde se carga en camiones especiales


Sala de Celdas

La ELECTRÓLISIS tiene lugar en la celda. Y así, la energía eléctrica actúa sobre la salmuera y la transforma en SODA CÁUSTICA, CLORO E HIDRÓGENO.

News coming soon



A Soda Cáustica é produzida na eletrólise e concentrada pelo processo de evaporação.


Cell Room

The ELECTROLYSIS takes place in the cell. This way, electric energy acts on the brine and transforms it into CAUSTIC SODA, CHLORINE AND HYDROGEN.


(3) Tratamento

(4) Filtração

(5) Controle

(3) A SALMOURA é tratada para eliminar impurezas, filtrada (4) e passa sob um rigoroso controle (5) para alimentar as CÉLULAS ELETROLÍTICAS.



Next, prepare the PICKLE obtained from dissolving the salt in the water to use afterwards in the ELECTROLYSIS.