Social and Environmental Impact

Social and Environmental Impact

Sustainability is at the top of Unipar's agenda

Social and Environmental Impact

Social and Environmental Impact

Sustainability is at the heart of Unipar, pervading the entire company and its ecosystem. Accordingly, the company focuses on social and environmental impact in the dimension of social responsibility. The company directs its resources towards projects in the fields of education, culture, sport and social and environmental actions, in addition to sanitation. It is also committed to working closely with the communities around its manufacturing plants and businesses. Two important actions to maintaining dialogue and relationships with communities are: The Community Advisory Committee and the Open Plant.


Community Advisory Committee

Community Advisory Committees (CCC) are important channels of communication between Unipar and the communities around our manufacturing plants. The Committee is made up of volunteers who are residents or of people working in different sectors of the city. The group meets regularly to discuss and develop projects related to health, safety and the environment, always with an aim to raise awareness, prepare and train people and 2985

strengthen ties between industry and the community. At Unipar, the CCC was created in 2004 in Cubatão. It was later implemented at the Santo André (SP) and Bahía Blanca (Argentina) plants in 2019. Some of the initiatives already organised by the Unipar Cubatão CCC include: emergency drills for the community, chats with residents, health, safety and environmental training, environmental awareness projects, and social action events.


Open Plant Program

The Open Factory Program aims to establish a completely transparent relationship with visitors and the local communities that surround the factories. The project has been operating since November 1985 and is celebrating its 39th anniversary as a pioneering initiative in 2024. The Open Plant program was conceived in Cubatão at a difficult period for the global chemical industry. The city received the nickname "the most polluted city in the world" and was heavily criticized. Since the late 1980s, the region has taken ambitious action to reduce its environmental impact and it was against this background that Unipar decided to take a

huge and unprecedented step. At a time when the industry was trying to understand how to relate better to the environment and society, the company created the program in order to show what it was doing and that it was possible to produce in harmony with nature. Also in 2018, the Open Plant program was implemented at Unipar's units in Santo André (SP) and Bahía Blanca (Argentina). To date, the program is unmatched in the Brazilian or global chemical industry and similar initiatives can hardly be found, even in activities that relate directly to the end consumer. Available in all units in Brazil and Argentina, the Open Plant Program shows how we produce while respecting the environment and prioritizing the health and safety of our employees and neighbors.


List of members of the Community Advisory Committee (CCC)

Learn who is making a difference by working closely with Unipar in the CCCs in Brazil and Argentina.
Unipar Cubatão Unit Description Tamanho Idioma
Unipar Cubatão Unit Download the list of members of the Cubatão plant in São Paulo. 102.36 KB
Unipar Santo André Unit Download the list of members of Santo André plant in São Paulo. 108.73 KB
Bahía Blanca Download the list of members of the Bahía Blanca plant in Argentina. 85.2 KB
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